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EA function gets you the help you need when you need it the most. One click of the EA button will notify your neighborhood guards, your family members and up to 10 other additional emergency contacts that you need help. Additionally, you will be notified of emergency situations at your neighborhood when the guards activate the EA during unwanted events such as fire.

Danial , “I heard a big fight outside and pressed the EA to alert my guards, they responded swiftly and managed to calm the situation down”

Intercom is a crucial part of the infrastructure in any guarded neighborhood be it commercial or residential, condo or landed homes. Without a working intercom system, the guards can only be expected to register visitors as they lack the necessary tools to confirm visitors prior to allowing entry. Unfortunately many cabled system fail over time due to hardware malfunction or wires degrading. These are very expensive to maintain and even more expensive to replace. JaGaApp Intercom Call is a cost effective solution that links the guard house directly to resident’s mobile phones or land lines not to mention better functionality.

Farah “ I used to have to wait for all my friends to arrive before going down to the tennis court, withJaGaApp, I don’t have to and now can go down to stretch and warm up earlier. The guards will call me directly on my mobile when they arrive “

Disseminating information in a neighborhood is always an important task for building managers and committees. Very often the most frequent response from residents are ”I didn’t know”. JaGaApp Notice Board enables the administrators be it the management office or committee to publish notices to the whole neighborhood, individual blocks or roads or even down to an individual unit. Our customers use the Notice Board to send notices such as fogging exercises, lift maintenance schedules or even water and electricity disruption notices. Each time the notice is read, a record is kept similar to a “WhatsApp Blue Tick”.

Nathaniel “ I live in Singapore and only come back during weekends, I appreciate the Notice Board feature as it keeps me updated of the happenings in my condo when I am away”

Traditional VMS systems ranges from a note book to a windows based computer with a on-site installed VMS system. There is an inherent disconnect between what is happening at the guard house and the residents of building management / committee and we can only trust that the guards are diligently registering our visitors. Using JaGaApp VMS, each and every visitor that is registered at the guardhouse will be reflected on the respective residents app for their records and confirmation. Who best to know the validity of a visitor than the resident themselves. Collectively our security is the responsibility of all, not just the building manager or committee member.

Being a cloud based system affords JaGaApp additional benefits in visitor management that can help speed up the process of registration for visitors at the guard house. In JaGaApp, residents are able to pre-register their upcoming visitors by submitting their name and vehicle number in-app. Once pre-registered, residents can choose to share a QR code with their visitor to be presented to the guards upon arrival. With the QR code, the visitor may still need to present his/her photo ID to the guards for recording but that will depend on the neighborhood’s pre-determined S.O.P. However the guards will not need to call the resident for double verification, thus speeding up the registration at the guard house. Naturally, all data collected will abide by the PDPA laws governing data collection and is owned and viewed only by administrators of the JaGaApp platform, namely the committee members and management staff.

Yi Xuan “ I pre-register my visitors and even my daughter’s tuition teacher who comes every Wednesday using visitor pre-registration that even has a repeat function. Its super convenient!”

JaGaApp Feedback function is a great avenue for residents to provide feedback on issues to the management office/ committee. The feedback function allows residents to take a picture of an item, input a title and description of the issue and post it to the management. On the management office/ committee side, all feedbacks will be nicely itemized on our dashboard with the ability to tag the feedback and mark status (either new, in-progress or completed). Many of our clients uses this function to keep track of tasks and even use our report for their monthly committee meetings.

Sugesh “ Great forum as an official channel to log issues from residents. We use the traffic light report as part of the agenda during our monthly meetings as the outstanding items are listed systematically. “

Often a reason for residents to come to the management office is to check and book facilities such as BBQ pits, tennis courts and multi-purpose halls. With JaGaApp Facility Booking Function, all facilities that require booking can be conveniently setup in-app for residents reference and use. Our function is completely customized to each site, just provide us a copy of your facility rules and we will adapt our function to suite your needs.

Aishah “ I can confirm a game and book the facility at my condo in the office without needing to be present at the management office myself. It’s super convenient. No more cheating or double booking”

There are many forms at the management office, from renovation to requesting new access card forms. Traditionally, residents will have to personally get forms from the management office, fill it up and submit the said forms. On JaGaApp, residents are able to fill up any form in-app and submit as well. Once submitted, administrators will receive and email notification with a fully completed form for their ease of action. No longer will messy handwriting and incomplete forms be an issue.

Sarah “ Community forms helped me request for overnight visitor parking for my parents when they visit, no longer do I need to personally go down to the management office to apply ”

At JaGaApp, we leverage on our growing number of communities and users to seek out and aggregate product and service providers to benefit our users. You can find plumbers, electricians, general or curtain cleaners or even pet care specialists and get an no obligation quotation for your consideration. HeyJaGa is our Facebook Messenger concierge chat service utilizing the MyServices database to provide higher level of service to our users.

Kien Yew “HeyJaGa conscierge service was extremely useful to help me get my aircon serviced. Sam came ontime and his work was done excellently. I can genuinely recommend HeyJaGa “